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MW3 In-Depth Review


After the shakeup concerning Infinity Ward's relationship with Activision, the departure of Jason West and many other key personnel to form Respawn, and the hiring of Sledgehammer to finish the game, Modern Warfare 3 finally arrived in 2011 to an audience eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the narrative. Again the game did well, but people began to start grumbling that it didn't match their expectations, that it was "spread too thin and trying too much", and that people began to wonder if there were signs that COD was beginning to lose steam.

As would become a familiar pattern, the critics and naysayers would end up being wrong, and blew minor issues well out of proportion to make a statement that the future of the series was in jeopardy. But there were some little scratches on the surface to be sure. As usual, the gameplay, characters, levels, physics and narrative were excellent and quite satisfyingly crafted. That said, one can't help but wonder why they didn't go into further detail about the background history of the Ultranationalists, of Yuri's connection with Makarov, of why exactly Shepherd ended up plotting betrayal and the degree of his obvious initial collusion with Makarov concerning the airport massacre, and why and how Price was able to clear the names and reputation of Task Force 141. This didn't necessarily have to be in a cutscene, and the intelligence item gathering could've have been readable as would be the case in BO1, Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, in fact it probably should've been for the entire trilogy. Whether as readable/listenable main menu items or as in-game cutscenes, it would've gone a long way to help solidify the story and kept the fair-weather fans in their corner.

Other than that, the game is still an excellent entry, and a great way to end the MW trilogy. Not bad at all for this, the first of the series' branching out efforts.

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