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PSN MWRemastered GameBattles team is recruiting!

Jun 1, 2017
Looking for a team?(No GameBattles experience needed)

Hello everyone I'm MofongoMojao (psn). I am one of the founding fathers of Menace to Society. We a fairly new orginazation looking foward to recruit players of all different archytypes. Preferably people who are active, 17+ and/or very mature. We specialize only on MWRemastered. So feel free to add me & try out !
Jul 6, 2017
Hiya! My names Amber, I'm a 16 year old (very mature) female gamer, my passion has always been gaming and I spend every waking moment on my PS4, mainly playing COD BO3 or MWR. My dream is to join a clan and this is an amazing opportunity. My twitter is @amber_bayford and my PsN is gingyninjy13
Jul 18, 2017
Interested. Don't play IW. I have BO3 but I'm very very rusty. Mainly play MWR. Took nearly 2 years off from CoD because I can't stand the boost jumping. Picked up IW because of MWR. Started playing again and had a .7 K/D. Since then I have raised my K/D took a 1.36 with a 317-319 SPM. Add me, Cityzen_21

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