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My game crashed when I'm in fight or when someone started spraying to me...


After first switching on the game, the game runs with the above mentioned lags. Two days back the game ran smoothly on 80FPS. And now? The game runs the same way as before. Developers should do something about it. They're still adding new shaders that make my FPS worse.

Thanks for every answer, Dvorpe


I tried to explain aswell that its in the game but people tell me how its the internet. I have played when people are not as much online (3. 00 or 4.00 in the morning) and still nothing my computer runs smoothly any game i wish but this is the first exception even after updating my drivers, cleaning my pc, restarting my internet, re-installing the game still acts like my pc is too low to handle even on lowest specs...
The game is currently unplayable for me especially when somone shoots it freezes for like 3-4 seconds and then i m dead.

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