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Xbox Live My least favorite title (But I Still Like and Play It)


Personally, for me, COD3 is my least favorite game, and the weakest in the series. However, since all the titles are between good and great, that means a lot and shows that even a somewhat lesser game is quite fantastic. It definitely was a great stepping stone for Treyarch to evolve and show that they were capable of great things in the series.

I like the diversity in playing as American, British, Canadian and Polish servicemen, and I thought that the environments and settings were spectacular as the previous two games had been. My only real complaints are that the hits from bullets seem weaker, at least to me. It seems to take far more hits for enemies to go down, the enemies seem to crowd and overtake you more easily, the damage seems to affect you more greatly compared to before, and the reaction commands moments seemed a bit clunky in this iteration. While it is interesting and more realistic to do them for setting explosive charges, I think it was unnecessary, especially given the fact that a similar mechanic has not been used in any games afterwards.

That said, it still is quite good and enjoyable, and I will still play it often.

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