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My List


Now I know this will have been covered elsewhere, but instead of trawling through all the threads again and bringing up something from a year ago, I'm posting a new version here.

Let me state straight off that I know all the producers of CoD titles are in it for one thing, they tell us they want to bring us the best game and for us to enjoy it, but really it's about the money. I don't have a problem with that, they can create skins, bundles and the like and as long as it doesn't affect game-play I'm fine with it. I also know that this is only a game and not meant to mirror real life, but it is meant to be close. I do have some issues, that are becoming more than frustrating as time goes on, here's my list in no particular order, with some suggestions as well;

1 - Sniper Rifles
People used to hate the idea of camping and the use of sniper rifles, I personally didn't mind it. That has all changed, there are now people running around using sniper rifles like assault rifles, the ADS and accuracy are scary and with the OSOK they tend to beat most other classes.
My Solution
An aim fluctuation when ADS, this would start with 0% for pistols, you aim at what you are looking at, it would move up through the classes until it got to sniper rifles where they could be something like a 50% fluctuation. It doesn't destroy the sniper rifle, but puts it back where it belongs as a long range, timed weapon.

2 - Grenades
Newtoobs were the centre of many a debate a while ago, with people thinking they had no place in the game. Again I never minded them and used them myself at times. What I'm finding now though is that they have a very different radius than a normal grenade, which is strange as all they do is launch the same thing from a tube! I've seen people killed from 5 to 6 feet away with a normal grenade but survive a launched one from less than 2 or 3 feet.
My Solution
Give all grenades the same damage radius, if you want to punish launchers, make them slower to load.

3 - Leader boards
They are meaningless, there is no point in having them if they are full of people who have killed millions in just a handful of games, or have a K/D ratio of over a billion.
My Solution
Have someone spend ten minutes a day deleting the obvious fakes, it won't take long and then people can start enjoying them again (I never manage to get on any but live in hope). Once the obvious ones are gone, then the ten minutes can be used to check the top ten, then the next and so on.

4 - Gun Recoil
This is becoming redundant in the game as people learn to move a paddle to control the recoil, meaning each shot basically is a killer. A bit of time and practice is required for each set up, but after that you need never miss another shot, (I've yet to master any as yet!)
My Solution
Give the recoil a random factor, it doesn't have to be much, but enough so people can't rely on just holding a paddle in one place.

5 - Safety Indoors
It states that you can stay safe from air attacks and scorestreaks by staying indoors, but I've noticed, much to my displeasure that you can't always. Chopper bullets, bombs, all sorts of things have killed me just as I'm laughing away feeling safe indoors!
My Solution
Just say it's safer to be indoors, not safe, but safer!

6 - Outfits
I know that people love their skins and want the latest, coolest ones, but they don't tell you anything. If I see someone in a room I might chuck a flashbang in there, or a stun, then I have to wait and see if they are blinded or stunned or if I've wasted that piece of equipment.
My Solution
If someone has a tactical mask, just put a mask on them, that way I can tell if they're protected without having to test it!

7 - Maps
With bullets and bombs penetrating walls at an alarming rate and grenades and bombs flying all over the place, I would really like to see a map that reflects this. Walls that cave in, doors that blow off, boxes that disappear when blown up. I know this is a big ask and I'm not even sure how it would work to keep things balanced, but I still would love to see at least one map that changes with time.

Well that's it for now, none of these actually would stop me playing the game, but they can frustrate me at time. I still think it's the best FPS out there for multiplay and can't wait to get back into the action and shot up again!

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