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my new corsair 5000d case


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you on this.

Watched your videos a few days ago and added a like to each video I watched.

The PC looks so much better now, well done.

I thought adding that many fans would be loud, but no, the noise levels are good, even at 100%, those NZXT fans are way better than I expected them to be.

Also, that cavity at the top the allows you to put fans above your rad means you don't end up losing space inside the case when you go push pull, which is an excellent design from Corsair.

In all, I think you have a spectacular looking build, easily a boutique quality looking build, but without the re-roll lol.

Did you fix the issue with you NZXT block display not working?


thank you very much, with the white any colors i choose look good. as fars as pump i do have the led lighting up but cam does not reconize it so i cant control light and cant monitor pump or liquid temp. nzxt say it could be the micro usb and they are expexting them soon and will send me one. i found some on amazon but would have to find out if it would work. and if fans are at 100% there is some great airflow and with the push pull there is also great exhaust flow. and the rear 120 rpm runs low dont know why.
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