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My official stance on the new GDPR rules

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If you are a EU resident, citizen, or just someone from EU, my official stance towards you guys is that I embrace having you around as a new user. I disagree with the new GDPR rules, so for anyone who come from EU states, countries, or affiliated locations: When you register to CODForums, you better think about what you're doing before you press "Sign Up." Because if I find out that you want to delete your account, or ask to unsubscribe to any e-mail communication coming from this very site - I am warning you right now: You will face a ban. I welcome you to the site, but I ain't going to deal with people from EU trying to be a bunch of jerks.

I never, never, ever delete accounts unless it's deemed as spam.

I don't care about the information that's "collected" from your being here. I only use the information to find out where to find you, and how to find you. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who doesn't understand that: Press the "x" button on your browser, and get the fuck out of my site. I do not care if it hurts my chances of growing this community. I just don't want to deal with bullshit. End of story.

xenForo has a new update forthcoming, that modifies the software so it complies with the GDPR rules. I will upgrade to that version, just to to be in compliance. I disagree with it, but I will do it if I have to. But when you communicate with me and you're going to use the GDPR card. I will not even comply as a person, I will straight up ban you. That's my stance.

For current CODForums users that are EU residents, citizens, or folks from EU: This applies to you, also. The next person asking to delete, unsubscribe, or giving me problems with regards to GDPR will face the ban.


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I thought this shit was done. But apparently, there are still trolls trying to take advantage of this law. Look at this dumb shit:
Data deletion request by GDPR laws

I am hereby requesting immediate erasure of personal data concerning me according to Article 17 GDPR.

[Please erase all personal data concerning me as defined by Article 4(1) GDPR.]

[Please delete the following personal data associated with the email address: [redacted for privacy]

I am of the opinion that the requirements set forth in Article 17(1) GDPR are fulfilled.

If I have given consent to the processing of my personal data (e.g. according to Article 6(1) or Article 9(2) GDPR), I am hereby withdrawing said consent.
In addition, I am objecting to the processing of personal data concerning me (which includes profiling), according to Article 21 GDPR.

In case you have disclosed the affected personal data to third parties, you have to communicate my request for erasure of the affected personal data, as well as any references to it, to each recipient as laid down in Article 19 GDPR. Please also inform me about those recipients.

If you object to the requested erasure, you have to justify that to me.

My request explicitly includes any other services and companies for which you are the controller as defined by Article 4(7) GDPR.

As laid down in Article 12(3) GDPR, you have to confirm the erasure to me without undue delay and in any event within one month of receipt of the request.

I am including the following information necessary to identify me:

Email: [redacted for privacy] (this address)
Username: [redacted for privacy]

If you do not answer my request within the stated period, I am reserving the right to take legal action against you and to lodge a complaint with the responsible supervisory authority.

Yours sincerely,
That reads like sarcastic lawyer speak. Fucking twat.

I'm gonna say this once: I never sell information, I've never sold information to third party.


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I'm in Europe, GDPR is an important piece of legislation, it is there to protect us from being exploited through the use of our personal data and it helps to keep us safe.

If someone signs up to a publicly visible forum in order to post questions and share information has a problem with their posts being shared, then they have bigger issues to deal with.

This forum is not the people that GDPR is trying to protect us from.

This forum has a Privacy Policy which is a legal requirement for the operator to apply and follow, that's enough to keep us safe unless we are doing something where there is a legal requirement for the operator to share details with authorities, in which case don't be stupid if you don't want your details shared.

If you post something illegal and it gets reported, Carlos might have to pass your details on to the authorities, I think that's how the law stands for him now, so don't expect him to serve time or pay fines in order to keep you from serving time or going to prison.

Personally, I agree with the stance that Carlos is taking, but then I am not planning on breaking any laws, this is the only thing that's important to me here:.

I'm gonna say this once: I never sell information, I've never sold information to third party.

Sorry, I just want to add that it angers me when I read about people trying to abuse laws that are there to protect us.

This forum has a Privacy Policy that is in effect part of the contract between us and the operator (Carlos), if you haven't read it, read it using this link or you can find the link yourself in the footer of every page..
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