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Multi My opinion on COD before WWII


For the past few years COD has been going down such a bad direction. The last COD I actually enjoyed was Ghosts. Now I don’t want to hear a bunch of people bitching about ghosts because listen. BO3 went to shit when they started putting dildos and pancakes in for their melee weapons ( The wasn’t me being serious they actually had boxing gloves and robot arms) and that’s a really big reason that made the game plane out stupid. AW was just a shit game in general had terrible graphics, you jumped 50 ft into the air and they put in guns from Star Wars (was again not literally). And finally IW oh lord don’t get me started on this fuckin game. IW was a rip off (A HUGE FUCKING RIP OFF) of halo. like really the UNSA they clearly didn’t steal the UNSC’s name and switched the C with a A. And not only that one of the Mercs armor sets looked like Jorge from Halo Reach. They also added the fucking Pelican from halo into the campaign in IW like really can’t come up with your own fucking ideas. Now this is all my opinion so no one get all but hurt and take it personal because it’s not. Comment what you think and don’t forget to follow me to keep up with all my posts.

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First things first, sarcasm is okay, and dandy, but just know that if someone insults you for having an opinion, just find me and I'll deal with it. I expect you to be in line, too.

Secondly, I disagree with your post, but that's your opinion. In retrospect, I think we all took Ghosts for granted, but it was plagued with game-breaking issues. Anything from glitches, to bad hitmarkers, to lag (and/or lagswitching), to horrendous spawns. It was a solid game, but it just needed more development time to make it polished. Ghost had 2 years development time before the new 3 year development rotation. Black Ops 3 was good, but also not engaging from the Single Player portion of the game. Multiplayer was good, it's just that people hate on the game because of the futuristic setting. Same with Infinite Warfare, but my problem with IW wasn't Single Player, which by the way was BEAUTIFUL. Multiplayer though? I couldn't play the game even past a few matches. I just. I just couldn't. That's how drastic of a change IW was for multiplayer. I'm not worried about the futuristic setting, it's just that the game felt - off - in multiplayer. Advanced Warfare was a good game, too. It's the fucking Visceral guys, dude. Yep, Advanced Warfare was developed by the same team that did Dead fucking Space. I loved the single player portion. However, I was kind-of split on multiplayer. Sometimes I would have a great time with AW multiplayer, and sometimes I wouldn't. I don't know what it was, but Sledgehammer Games are good developers. That's why CODWWII is so good.

For me, COD4: Modern Warfare is the best in the series. BO2 was the best in the series since COD4. And Remastered? Solid remake. I'll buy the standalone soon regardless of I own the Legacy Edition.


I think we all took a lot of the previous games for granted, and in some ways, the moments where the quality slipped are just as much our responsibility as the developers. We could've made our wishes made clearer more often and loudly, but many of us just assumed that things would crank out at the same rate and result that it had before. We just thought that everything would work itself out. And maybe if we had been more aggressive in letting them know our feelings and thoughts, that they would've been able to adjust accordingly. Then again, given that a lot of times, audiences say one thing, than after that one thing is done, they say they didn't want it after all, maybe it's a good thing that it didn't happen that way.

After all, mixed in with the praise for WWII are comments grumbling that it didn't reinvent the wheel, that it's "simply more of the same." Did anyone really expect that to happen? Especially when the word "reinvention" is used for COD, it basically is code for "don't make it anything like a COD game." Which of course defeats the point.

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