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My player taken over.


I have seen some strange things happen but this one takes the cake. I was playing a round and noticed one player was team killing everyone off he spawn in a hard-core match. He did it again and again and I was calling him out on the mic. The next thing I know my player is taken over and it team killing everyone. This happened two times then it went on to someone else. I never saw such a hack. Anyone else seen this?

the next thing is the lag switchers are ruining this game. It had gotten so popular we see them on both teams every round. It's a real treat when the host is using one and every time they flip the switch everyone gets a connection interruption till they switch it back. It's so obvious who is using them I don't understand how they are getting away with this. It must be costing the developers millions in lost revenues. It most certainly is killing the game.

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