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My thoughts on the Logan Paul Situation

Nov 7, 2017
I think in general Logan Paul is a sociopath and dick that NO ONE should watch listen to ect. Like he laughed at a dead body and disrespected it so damn much (touches it has a camera ect). And I personally think even after his shit apology no one should forgive that asswipe. It’s like this, say your mom or dad committed suicide ok and they hung their self and someone came started playing with and recording their dead body. How would you feel? You’d be pissed (unless u hate ur parents). Now I don’t want anyone commenting on this so I kinda hope Carlos or someone could disable comments so people don’t get into a dumb argument ect.

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Jul 11, 2009
What Paul Logan did was stupid. He should've known better than to use that kind of controversy. Controversy is good for business, but it's not good when you use a life of a person to raise clicks. That's why people responded to the video the way that they did.

How can anyone use a video and laugh at the death of a person? Logan had to know that was a bad idea. But he uploaded the video anyway. I'm sorry, but that was just fucking stupid. Glad he got the backlash he got, and I am glad that Google clamped down on his ass.

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