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nead to find someone please. help

Hello mates. My name's Erwan, I'm french so sorry in advance for my english, and I'm here to ask your help. I was and I'm a big COD fan, essentially in trickshots and sniper. Begin with PS3, I switched to xbox 360, because I was exciting, like there are all the famous clans on xbox like FaZe, SoaR, dZ, Dare etc.. So I begun on xbox, in solo. Then I begun to speak with a english guy! Who became my friend, a big " in game " friend! Don't lie, everybody had a friend online. He was so friendly, we were trickshoting privat on quarry favela terminal etc.. Then I met his friends, all english, and we begun to 6man together, in S&D, it was so cool! My best moments in my entier gaming life were with them! My mate was so cool, so friendly, I was " the french trickshotter", it was so nice! He was my friend! trust me!

Then my life and his life took different way, I didn' play much anymore, like one day in a week, we lost contact.

recently I have found a mate of us, who were playing with me too, I was so exciting to finnaly speak again with my friend, but he dont know where he is , he didn't spoke to him since we were all close in MW2/BO/MW3 times..

So now i'm here, it will be probably impossible, but i dont care.

So please, Jason, Royal, Cheesybeanz or whatever, if you read this, will you remember me? Sickzooms, Righify!

And please, players, if you know semeone called jason, who played on 360 with the gt : Extort Royal tell me! please! or ask you friend named jason! it's very important for me!

Sorry again for my english!

Help me please, bye mates.

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