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Multi Need a new clan!

I am looking for a competitive but fun clan to run COD with. Can play everyday weekdays will be after work which I get off at 12pm est weekend I can play all day my gamer tag is D-over-O please help I guy out

We are recruiting at Phoenix Gaming Network (PGN). We have both serious and casual gamers, all are welcome, we just require that our members are somewhat active. We do game nights 5 days a week, but we have members from all over so we are online pretty much 24/7.

Hit up www.pgnhq.com to learn more. If interested in joining, register and fill out the form under "Join Us". Please include my name, PGN-LordDonut when asked who recruited you. Here is some other quick info:

Why PGN?
  1. All are welcome and we will treat you like family on day one.
  2. Lots of opportunity to grow and take on leadership roles with a rank system.
  3. Ranks determine roles, but every member has an equal voice.
  4. Game nights 5 days a week, plus weekly meetings for community discussion.
  5. No matter what game modes you're into, we will have you covered.
  6. There is almost always a squad open, don't sweat it if you have a weird schedule.
  7. We generally just want to have fun and make new friends.

Sinister misfits gaming sounds exactly like what you are looking for.
We have players of all levels on PC Xbox and PS4 . Streamers non streamers and are 18+ ( we do however support little misfits who are under 18 and can graduate into main organization once reach that age)

Feel free to contact me on here
PS4 @ ChaoticDrunk1
Or discord @
chaoticdrunk1 #2907

Love Drama? Do you like being screamed at by 12 year olds? Prefer to do your fighting on the keyboard instead of against players? Then we aren't the clan for you.
21+ preferred but we will take 18 plus under some conditions and on a probationary basis. Those underage are welcome to join our place-holder server dubbed "Lil Misfits"

We are a group of gamers who play not only like a clan but as a family. We are a supportive and fun place to be, laughing and having fun like the game was meant to be played. The Misfits have a single Discord for Xbox, PS4 and PC that we require all members to join; this will allow you to quickly find parties, see who is on and get to know everyone. Bc member streams AND we have a gamebattles squad on Call Of Duty complete with a dedicated coach for those who wish to play competitively.

If you're looking for a group of people that love to have fun, get some laughs and can still slay the competition...look no further! We hope to hear from you soon, our fellow Misfits!!
Edit: We are now officially Affiliated with Rogue Energy, GameStop, OpSeats AND Fatal Grips
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