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Tactical Gaming

Need More In Warzone


Alright since I've completed 2 seasons and survived alone with my team mates on Warzone, Blood Money, Team and Solo's I figured that the Warzone map itself needs more fun. Now other players though and discussed a few little things about some new ideas for the Warzone Mode itself. Most players get bored after a while when you're alone or with team mates trying to survive all earn the more money also to mention the Gulag. Players usually quit the game before entering the Gulag when they know the will loose against a player with the wrong weapon they hate using. Then then start again but not by joining the same game but starting over.

When you're alone or in a group you can either walk to your destination or travel in style, and yet the map needs more vehicles not just Trucks, Rovers, Buggies, Quads and Helicopters. Why not add APC's or Tanks into the game or Attack Helicopters from the other modes like Ground War and Co-op modes. They you see some vehicles that can be very useful during Warzone Modes. For example the MD-500 scout helicopter was mainly used as a light transport helicopter but in some other modes you have the heavy types like the Mi-8/17 troop transports. IAV's or APC's could be very useful in running and gunning against other players when securing points, cash or securing an LZ in Battle Royale. Due to this players have stared using RPG's and Javelin lunchers against other players in their vehicles sounds fun basically I have seen and heard in distances that the sound of combat was almost too real to be true in Warzone. It was almost perfect to be like any other battlezone. I would recommend that if game can allow the following vehicles to be assign to the game:

  • MD-500 Scout (light helicopter) Can be accessible to near by outposts only

  • Mi-8/17 Hip (transport helicopter) Can be Accessible to Helipads near the Airport or Military Installations only

  • SUV's (Such as Rovers and Quads) Can be Accessible in Farmlands, Mountains terrains and village only

  • Trucks (Cargo and Tacticals) Can be Accessible in Urban Areas only​
Ideal Modes to Warzone
The best thing about Wazone itself is that Map it's opened and like any other map on other games you can do whatever you want, until it bores you because everyone has left in ruins until you're running around exploring the sights I came across theses bunkers and hardened blast doors in the rock face. These doors must have a story to them because there us a access panel with a purpose. The player can interact with them but the door's ain't opening so it must be something that might come into the game soon.

What if Warzone had a Infection mode where the first player is infected has more health, increased speed, unlimited stamina with a full map and goes hunting for the 149 players who are spread across the map to survive until time runs out. The players will start with 2x grenades randomly dropped with a pistol and knife, no map or ammo, have to work together to earn much money as possible to gain access to one of the bunkers to find randomly picked weapons and ammo. If that player is killed randomly or by the infected they get send to the Gulag as normal to see who wins or looses. The winner will be redeployed from where they started from and the looser will be infected and spawns with the main Infected player. But the Infected will not just have what the main infected player will have they have randomly spawn with other equipment. The Players (Survivors) will have access to ground vehicles only (no helicopters) therefore they will have to stake the stairs or elevator shafts to the top to stay alive, ladders to rooftops are accessible but if the main infected kills more that 6+ players will be unstoppable climbs up the ladder you're pretty much screwed. If the Infected are killed by natural causes as in suicide or ran over by a unmanned vehicle the player is out of the game. If the time has run out they will have to get to the marked LZ where non of the Infected doesn't know of. The mark will be Green can be seen in the distance the players will have 5 minutes to get to that marker to win, if all the players are infected they it's game over like every other infection game.

While playing Warzone in the hill top,s a friend of mine said imagine what would like if Warzone had
Ground War on a huge map like this but with the same rules and capture layouts. Two sides have to capture or kill to win but on a huge map but it would be called "Big Ground War" due to the locations to hold and secure in places where both sides are fighting is just blowing. It blew my mind as I can imagine it 75 players on both sides grabbing the vehicles and rushing to capture the locations or going on foot to sneak past them, flying in by helicopter or rolling up them in armour. 8 places to capture for 2 sides before the timer runs out. The buildings will be all accessible like in Warzone, kill streaks can be used. Just WOW I can see it but could it be possible if such a mode exists for Call of Duty: Warzone......... I'll leave that up to you.

Big TDM Like before but on Warzone where you kill to the highest score(which teams has the most kills) or before the time runs out, but you have to find them first it's a big world out there. Same rules as TDM but no helicopters, SUV's Trucks only 5 Quads and we all know we can put many players on a single Quad so they'll have no problem getting to their destination.

Now I've been thinking In Warzone Battle Royale why not have more than 3+ players in a team like 5 instead? It will make the game more interesting but then again the game might be over before the Gas arrives and everyone hates being caught by the Saddam's Gas lol.

So please tell me what do you think and share me your thoughts.

Tactical Gaming

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