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Multi Need some laid back adults to play cod with in my spare time.

Add my gamertag need mature people to play some cod with! Not kids! Adults!!! Haha BTW I'm mediocre at best but I enjoy the game so hmu Playas! LOl
My son-in-law and I play around 7:30 central time just about every evening. I’ll hit you up next time I log on and you’re more than welcome to play with us, the more the merrier. He’s better than Me . I hang in there but my cripple hands aren’t what they used to be. We don’t judge on how good are not anyone is but as you we like the game !!!
Look forward in meeting up and scrapping a bit


My old crew and I play in the evenings. We are definitely up for chopping it up with you! We will send you an invite this evening
I'm looking to team up with someone to complete the Shepherd mission in Zombies. I to am mediocre.
I don't have any social media accounts, and don't use headphones or mics.
I am on most mornings playing various modes. Leave a message here.
My player tag is Banana_Kush.

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