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Multi [New clan] "The Unit" is recruiting

Hello my name is David I'm 22 and in EST. I am the founder/leader of "The Unit" [Unit]. I play multi-player primarily, and occasionally hop on dmz for fun. I'm not on cod all the time. I'm active Sunday - Thursday after 6pm est.

* "The Unit"
we are about competitive multi-player play. The goal is to compete in ranked matches (when/if they become avaliable) and eventually tournaments. The dream is to form a esports team.

We are looking for at least 4 to 5 more players who are willing to sweat and be team oriented, using callouts and team tactics. Though we do play casually sometimes, this is still not the clan for a casual couch player.
There are no stat requirements at this time. We aren't the best, but we want to become the best.

*The discord.
We have a discord up for the clan. There is 3 to 4 of us who are in there for competitive play. And some other outliers (close friends of mine). The point of the discord is a HQ for the clan. A place to set up events and for us to communicate as a clan it is not a large (looking for group) community. It is not a 24/7 active discord but if you join, feel free to ask anyone who is on if they want to team up, anytime. Just know that there might be times where the discord is dead as we all play different games aswell. The discord may also be used for games other than mw2 aswell.

If your interested in joining reply to this post with some info about yourself. (Your name, time zone, schedule, game modes you like to play, ect.) You don't have to be professional basically anyone can join. As long as we got similar schedules so we can all play together. I will try to respond ASAP please be patient as we are all just human and we all got lives we gotta live.

Ps. I'm am new to leading a clan as well as hosting a discord. If anyone has any prior experience and would like to help, let me know, I'd appreciate some help.

Thanks for coming to my Ted-talk

Hello my name is David. I live in the EST zone we usually play from about 5pm est to 10pm est. On weekdays.

My clan "The Unit" is recruiting. I am looking for competitive players to play compeitive cdl games and just casual games. As well as competing in cash prize tournamentswich we will be starting with that next year (2023)

The discord isn't very big and not very active it's main purpose is just to keep the clan in one place. Your still free to join other discords for lfg purposes.

If your interested join the discord here:
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