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New CODForums logos activates Mobile App


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CoDForums has been updated to the latest version of xenForo since XenForo 2.2.6 Patch 2 was released. During that time, I noticed that there was an "install app" button, so I wasted no time asking how to accomplish it. I got the answer: As long as I met the requirements, it will automatically update the mainpage to include the app button. Today, I got my logo made, and that went globally across the website: Mainpage, metadata (for Social Media), and the actual Mobile App itself. You have two options now - you can either use the Tapatalk plugin, or you can use the Progressive Web App (PWA). However, I will warn you, that I will phase out Tapatalk eventually. I will use it for long as I can. Thing is, the developers stopped updating the plugins for forums.

The reason why I use Tapatalk, is because of the search function, and the ecosystem. Tapatalk is kinda like the Google Play Store, but for forums' discovery.

To see this PWA button, use your phone to see this...



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However, I will warn you, that I will phase out Tapatalk eventually.
This great news.

I've just installed the app and thought I would share a few words about Tapatalk.

Tapatalk - you were a solid pain in the a$$, if I never see your ulgy icon again it will be too soon. Long live the webapp and CoDForums too.

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