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New Controls, functions, and Settings!

Which of these features would you most likely like to see in an upcoming game?

  • Third Person

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  • Tuck and roll

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  • Controller Customization

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Controls customization:
Don't like where the jump button is? Want to dropshot/jumpshot faster? Are your fingers impaired or do you have some complications with your fingers or some disability that impairs your game-play similar to the legendary player NOM4D? Switch the controls however you like in the Multiplayer menu before your match!

Third person settings toggle:
Want to play in third person? Simply press start and change it in your game settings! Peek around corners more effectively, utilize cold blooded and blend in with your environments, and get a better field of view and awareness to destroy your enemies!

Dodge/roll feature:
Similar to the boost dodge from Advanced Warfare, quickly roll out the way of an attack into a crouched position to get the drop on an unsuspecting noob.

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