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New Game Mode Idea

Discussion in 'Upcoming Call of Duty' started by Jimim, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Jimim

    Jimim Recruit

    Jul 13, 2013
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    So after Sabotage was dropped from Black Ops 2 I just couldn't get into any of the other game modes, at first I thought up a few ways to fix Sabotage but it dawned on me that its inherently flawed, it'll always devolve into a timed deathmatch session, and thats when I thought why don't we have some form of timed deathmatch?

    The main reasons why I enjoyed Sabotage so much was because it was slower paced than most other game modes and was easier to control, with a 7 second respawn time per death and only being able to spawn on your side of the map stopped it becoming a meat grinder like the other modes

    So my idea for a new game mode comes from those above features but with a twist, its a Timed Team Deathmatch but with an Optional Objective and using the basic Sabotage Respawn Rules

    ------ 1. Team Deathmatch / Main Game Rules-------

    10 Minute Time Limit
    5 Points per Kill
    Team with the highest score at the end wins
    Optional : Kill Confirmed rules

    ------ 2. The Optional Objective Rules -------

    The Optional Objective is based upon 1 Flag Capture The Flag (Which is what Sabotage was based on) and King of the Hill.

    In the center of the map is a neutral flag, you have to grab that flag and take it into the enemy base and into the score zone (Only 1 score zone per team and is permanent, Never moves), The more team members in the score zone with the flag carrier = the more points you earn (You can only score points if the flag is being carried by a team member in the Zone) The score zone is fairly small so it makes it fairly easy for the enemy team to push you out of the area and counterattack

    2 Points per second per Team Member in score zone (So 5 Team members sitting in the score zone for 5 seconds = 50 Points which is 10 kills worth of points

    ------ 3. Overtime -------

    A simple end of game show
    All players now have 1 life
    All dead players are respawned no matter what state they were in ( A bug I hated in Black Ops 1)
    An EMP is activated, destroying all active killstreaks and stopping any more being used
    Kills are worth double points

    ------ 4. The Respawn Rules -------

    The whole game runs on a location based respawn timer system, The map is split up into 4 'sections' and both teams have a side of the map to themselves, neither team can spawn past the half way point in the enemy section and your location upon death determines the respawn time, the further away you are from your home base = longer respawn time, inversely the closer you are to your home base = shorter respawn time, below is a map that should explain what I mean (The Red Squares are the score zones, getting killed in here incurs a 20 Second spawn time, its a risk reward thing, do you all pile in and get as many points as possible but leave yourelf open to dying, get a 20 sec spawn time and be unable to stop the enemy getting into your base?)


    We've all been spawn trapped in Nuketown and other small maps before (and larger maps if you're unlucky) but how many times have you managed to get a lucky kill on the spawn trappers but it didn't help because they just come straight back? with this system killing an enemy thats running around your base will basically force him out of the game for a large amount of time giving you time to get out of the trap

    --------- End -----------

    This game mode caters to the Deathmatchers and Obejctive players, if neither team want to play the objective thats fine, the game runs on a score system so 1 team will always win, but if you want to play the objective and earn fast points for the team you can, spawn trapping should be kept to a minimum with the respawn times and semi-forced spawn points

    So what do you guys think? would you play this game mode? what would you change?

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