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[NEW] Gun Customization!

Discussion in 'Upcoming Call of Duty' started by KUROTOKO, Sep 28, 2014.


Which of these would you most likely like to do with your gun?

  1. Change colors/ Camo placement

  2. Customizable Camos

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  3. Emblem Placement

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Multiple votes are allowed.

    KUROTOKO Recruit

    Sep 28, 2014
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    Each gun can have a Primary, Secondary, and trim color that can be applied to the weapon. Each of these colors can either be a solid color, or an unlocked camo.

    Custom Camos:
    Change the color scheme of an existing DLC camo or create your own! Trade with friends or your Clan!

    Emblem placement:
    Change the size and position of your custom Emblem anyway you see fit on your gun! Add more than 1 if you like as well!

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