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New here



Been looking for a good dedicated forum for various games and came across this one! I've been a long time gamer with Call of Duty. Started when it was only on PC back in the day. Moved over to xbox and have continued to love every single COD game since! (with the exception of a few).

I had my own PC clan during the COD and COD: United Offence days. Made maps, which you can still find some of them if you search my name + "call of duty". That amazes me sometimes! lol Our clan was |EMS| - Elite Midget Squad. Don't judge, I had a sense of humor yet lost it. :)

I still play on my xbox. Can't wait for the next installment.

On the side, besides slaving away for work, I'm a graphic designer. Ran a website called Jakool Designs (sadly no more) and have recently jumped back into the game of designs. I used to LOVE doing forum sigs and the like.

Anywho! Glad to find a place like this! Hope to get to know everyone soon!

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