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New keyboard and mouse ideas


I am getting tired of the really crappy cheap keyboard and mouse that came with my computer.

They are no good for gaming at all and i want to get better. I dont want to spend more than $100 but want good quality that will last a while.

What can you suggest?


I use a razer deathadder it is about the same price as the G5. You need to try them both see which you feel more comfortable with and which feels more natural to you.
I have a RAZER Lachesis and a basic Acer keyboard that my PC came with. For a gamer keyboard I recommend the G15, very good for CoD games. also get a G5, G7, or any RAZER mouse. Also Steelseries gear. Best of luck to your new peripherals!


Get a razor black widow ultimate kbrd and a r.a.t 5 mouse they are luxury!
that what i've got. Comes to only about £150


Keyboard: Logitech G510 got for $60 on sale has screen on it and 18 macros and is sweet.
Mouse: i use the Logitech G300 which is ok and works for what i need its cheap and has programmable buttons.


you dont need that many macros though
with th black widow you get 5 and you can easily make modes for different games


I use a Razor Blackwidow and Razer Naga which both are fairly expensive (but worth it) but if you want a keyboard that you do have to get an anti ghosting one as ghosting is just stupid nowadays. I personally have used these so I really can't reccomend them anymore.



You can get that mouse for a lot less than that. I only paid about £14.95 for mine. But if you can't find it for less just get a Naga Epic.

I bought an AlienWare Desktop pc... so the keyboard came with it.. is tottaly a good gaming keyboard :)
Wow, you did know that you can build a computer yourself with almost a twice as good Graphics Card, Larger Hard Disk Drive as well as a 240GB Solid State Drive for the exact same price as the new X7's or whatever they're called...

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