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New perk; 0 G?

Just a joke, I'm hoping to kick off my first forum post with a funny video.
Backstory, I saw a sniper do this and I went, "BOOM, THEATER EDIT MODE." I'm hoping this counts as a form of montage and I can post it, :p
Was a pain in the foot to download, render, upload, download, edit, render, and upload again. Argh >.<
Anyway, shutting up, enjoy the lolvideo.
View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI8YHtrcMF0


Staff member
Exactly what are we seeing here, though?

It doesn't show exactly what you did, and what's the funny part. :confused:
It was a joke, A Zero G perk that let's you 'Fly' (Thus the song editted in)...
Just nevermind, it seems you guys are serious gamers, or my videos crap. One or the other, :(

Edit: And if no one can tell, my XBL is NO im NOTa BIRD and that guy is BoongSleda or someone random. I don't know him it was just a random, "I'll edit and screw around with this."


Staff member
You do realize that could have happened to anyone? Anyone stupid enough to jump off the ledge will be shot in mid-air like that. I guess that's the funny part, but a player like me - aim for that area at least the first thing every match. When I didn't, I go back and kill the person, if another person hasn't already.
It was me that killed him too, and I nearly never look up there normally, I don't think anyones stupid enough to be in line of sight of most of the map. Easy kill target if someone has an assault rifle, sniper or light machine gun.
Or just a good 'nade thrower.

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