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New police tech being used IRL


My roommates just gone through an experience and a half. Let me tell you guys about the Strat to beat these new nanotech devices the police are using. It's all mental games using some bullshit in your head.

They speak in Subliminal messages. Using frequencies of sound that hide a message underneath another one.

If you focus on a voice in your head and try to understand what they're saying by properly focusing on it you can listen to what they actually say

They have it set up in a VR environment and use objects and stuff to manipulate your head. Think of being in VRchat but only mentally. They can do all sorts of things.

Messages get hidden in sounds like birds and cars, one they used on him apparently is turkeys on the roof, he used to always complain about how Loud they were being when noone could hear them.

If you think you're being manipulated like this you can actually manipulate their virtual environment. All you need to do is focus on what you think is there. Example would be the birds mentioned earlier you can drag them around just by focusing on them and thinking of moving it.

They tune the bot or whatever it is into your emotions in your brain so they can manipulate you into feeling a certain way.

Eventually they can pull you around by using waypoints just like an ETA game. It feels like you're walking up a slight hill if you're walking against it and powerwalking if you walk towards it.

They'll use crazy tactics to scare you into believing crazy stories. if something is too unbelievable just try ground yourself In reality and realise this is going on.

They hide in things like windows and reflections because apparently your Subliminal mind fills in blank spots when looking at or through these materials and that's what they play

If you listen to what they say for long enough eventually at the end of the sentence you can hear their actual opinion. They have to hide it behind as much words as they can and usually you don't listen all the way through

Be aware that they use decoy sound effects to distract you from the Subliminal messages they're constantly playing in your head

They'll use trigger words to attach themselves to a thought process you have in the back of your mind in order to play off what you're thinking "actually..." Was the start of one of them. So just look for that sort of thing. They'll also see something and use it 5-10 mins later if it's a thought they can use against you

They always talk backwards. So if they say something to you what they actually say is at the end of the sentence so all you need to do Is think the reverse of what they originally said to you and you'll skip to the end of the message where the subliminal message is hidden. But if you just listen to the sentence as it runs on they can stall it.

They use things that are tied to macros or something of the sort in your mind. Like if you think of something in particular their voice lines are set up to respond to it even if you don't consciously think of the trigger.

Can't actually remember all the shit he said. Was put in hospital a few times from the experience and anti psychosis meds but he was fine every time.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Reading through the things that your friend says they have done, if you ignore the 'New Police Tech' that he thinks they used, it just sounds like good interview technique.

I am just not buying this new tech concept, but then, I am also not worried about being interviewed by the Police as I am not doing anything that might give them cause for concern.


The Equalizer
Speaking as a member of the LEO brethren, I can say with some degree of expertise... We're not that smart.. :D

I am sure there is some deep psychological goings on with the Feds or other 3-letter acronym agencies...

But for run o' the mill street cops?? There really isn't time for all the psy-ops.. It's more of a cuff 'em and stuff 'em way of doing things...

Especially in today's climate where cops are now sporting several targets on their backs, instead of just the one criminal's target of days of yore.....
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