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New Release says "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Graphics Could Look Like This"

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I took the liberty of getting the images and posting them here rather than linking you guys to an external site so these are all the imagines released of what Modern Warfare 4 could look like and I have to say I'm really excited to see what the game is finally going to be like!













Is that a Pip-Boy? :p




That's all I've got so far! Hope you guys enjoy it and I'd like to hear your opinion on it.


I'm seeing a lot of pictures from Black Ops 2. Are they just taking the graphics engine from what would be on MW4 and using it on Black Ops 2 just to show us? I'm a bit confused, haha.


I thought Modern Warfare 4 was only a rumour. Whoops, my bad. didn't check all the sub-forum names. Thanks for posting this. I don't really look into the features of the next game coming out as I like to find out myself in game. The design of the characters is superb. A job well done.


I'm really confused by the pictures. Do you mean the first few pictures? Anyway, the first 3 look so incredibly realistic it is quite staggering. I actually had to do a reverse google search to check that it isn't in fact a photograph... If Modern Warfare 4 looked like this then It's going to be a brilliant time for players.


No Way...now I'll have to probably get some new hardware for the next release. Graphics looks amazing though. Can't wait to see it haha. (Imagine suround sound/3 monitors w/ panoramic) IT"S GONNA BE LEGENDARYYY


The graphics looks amazing in those pictures but a lot of them are from black ops 2. The real graphics never look as good as they do in pictures also will probably need to be another computer upgrade for me because I love running on the highest graphics.


If you guys read the other comments you can see I cleared that up, some of the screens are also from Black Ops 2 and I posted the source to the news article, sorry I got everyone confused.

And yeah I guess this is going to require PC upgrades for PC gamers and well, the next gen consoles are coming out very soon so console gamers have that "upgrade" coming for them!


The first 2 images are actually really stunning. Graphics although isn't my main priority in a game, is definitely one of the important ones to me.I like for a game to be beautiful along side a very well complex story, and with the way things are looking games are about to get really beautiful.


Thanks for clearing up the confusion with the BOPS2 pictures. As for the images, they are absolutely beautiful, especially the first two. Are you sure those aren't pictures of an actual person? They look so, unbelievably, real!


This is exciting. I'll have to see more of the actual engine (physics etc.) to decide how good this really looks. I'd love to have a Call of Duty run off Cryengine or Frostbite.


Looks like its time for a new PC, seeing those faces I think its time to shell out some money on this thing.

On other things has anyone seen someone try to run a Call of duty game on a different game engine? Some people tried running GTA on a different engine. The results werent spectacular but it sure was fun to look at


Those first few pictures...Wow, that's all I can say to that. That look like a real life picture to me, all I hope is that they don't focus all on graphics. I want the game play to be unique as well.


Truthfully, though I don't have any particular opposition to it, I don't see the point of boasting about minutea in the details of a shooter. The last thing you can afford to do in these games is sit around admiring the scenery. That's how you get popped. To some extent, I'd prefer less time and project budget be put into appearances in shooters and instead, allocate those funds and efforts to gameplay mechanics. CoD is going to fall prey to fatigue sooner or later, most likely sooner at this point, as all popular genre's do. They really need to crank up the innovation for this next title. This goes double since it looks like it's going to be the first on on PS4/NextBox. If they just put out another standard CoD, just prettier, it may jumpstart consumer migration away from the genre.
These graphics look really great, and I hope Activision holds up to this standard for Modern Warfare 4.

That being said, I hope that the developer team spends more time on making a great campaign and story and revolutionizing the multiplayer than on making the game look pretty.


This does not mean that games for next get consoles will immediately have these kind of graphics, developers haven't even taken full advantage of current-gen systems, there's a 'learning curve' to developing games and they have to somewhat rush to get games out.

Remember the first games for PS3 and XBOX? they seemed pretty good at the time, but play COD3 next to MW3 and you'll see the massive difference.
I think that those insane graphics won't come 'til towards the end of the next-gen consoles' life cycle when game developers perfect writing games for that platform, like rockstar have done with GTAV.
I could be wrong however..


While the graphics of the first two pictures are ridiculous, and graphics play quite a part in my decision to buy a game, I still don't think I'll be getting a copy of Modern Warfare 4. I feel like it's going to be the same old generic ideas and repetitive gameplay that have come out of the last couple Call of Duty games. I admit that despite the terrible campaigns of the other games, the multiplayer was still fun so maybe I'll play it with a friend when it comes out.


Okay, my confusion about the BO2 pictures has been clarified.

With that, these graphics look awesome. They do look like actual people and the detail is amazing. The quality reminds me of those HD quality wallpapers that people create. Definitely looks exciting.


ooooooooooo'LALA. woweewowwaaa

This graphics look insane. But lets GET REAL. THESE ARE FOR THE CUT SCENES ONLY. I mean a computer can render amazing photos but not on the fly yet. Infact this is merely a commercial for their CG department. Looks like they use Zbrush. or some clone of it.

Still amazing graphics and always nice to see whats next in store.
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