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New Screenshots


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I'll be getting it for the 360 on the day of release. All my housemates love a bit of multiplayer CoD on the xbox!
I'll probably get a copy for PC too - if our server starts to get a bit busier that is (And if my computer will run it :p)

Great screenshots too.
I have played this game on the 360 as well as on the PC. All I have to say is if your PC is a certified gaming machine the gameplay achieved is something that no gaming console can compare to. Really looking forward to the game and the screenshots posted here are making to wait even more unbearable.


I can not.. wait until this game comes out on the xbox360. It looks so amazing, that I have already pre-ordered it.
So is this a sequel to CoD4 Modern Warfare (cod6) ? Interested in buying this for my pc please show me more info thanks buddys :).


@ Tristangemus... yes this is a sequel to MW1, which was CoD4:MW... this one will be called MW2... It is nice game.. looks really sweet from the trailers and all the other infos. If you need more info on it.. I suggest you joining the offical forums... of IW or check out the official site at: Modern Warfare 2 - Worldwide Reveal


Those snowmobiles look like too much fun... I wonder if they will be in multiplayer?

Does anyone know about the vehicle situation in MW2? Are there going to be tanks and stuff?


@clashctyrokr... from what I have heard. They said that they're going to be including Vehicles in mulitplayer but i am not sure which ones, since they have not made an official notices about it. Snowmobiles... which is the mission "CliffHanger" it will be a multiplayer map for sure from what I guess... But again, there is not official notices about it yet. We have to wait and see whats going to happen.


I hope they don't add vehicles to the game. The game is successful because it's first-person shooter, nothing like Battlefield 1942 with all the tanks and planes.

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