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[NEW] Squads mode and Character Customization!


Squads in my opinion, was completely underutilized in COD: Ghosts...

The same Squads game modes should be used in the new game, but with new game mechanics that can make it much more engaging.

Since most of the squads game modes were basically 1v1 matches with A.I. teammates, why not have the player actually command his A.I. squad with Real-Time-Strategy commands? Have a squad member give suppressing fire, flank around from a specific route in the map, take cover in certain areas, stick close to the team, capture an objective, or whatever you feel is necessary for the win!

Simple game mechanics mixed with classic muliplayer gameplay would be best suited for this. For the best example of what I'm talking about, check out SOCOM: Tactical Strike for PSP.

Character Customization:
Customization was not as in-depth as it could have been in Ghosts... the options would have been much better if they were split into more groups. Custom color schemes would have been much more exciting as well...

>Head/Gender (Skin color and gender)

>Headgear (Glasses, shades, helmets, hats, bandanas, headphones, etc)

>Facepaint (All facepaints from Black Ops 1 including new ones and DLC!)

>Body (Shirts, jackets, vests, blazers and more with options to place custom emblems on them!)

>Gloves (Tactical, motorcycle, winter, etc.)

>legwear(pants, shorts, etc.)

>Footgear (Boots, sneakers, wingtips, etc)

>Special (Suits, wetsuits, spacesuits, ghillie suits, and special characters and DLC)

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