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New weapons that should come out in BO3 Black Market

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Hey guys, today I want to be talking about some new weapons that Treyarch could add into black ops 3. Heres the list:
P.S This is all my opinion

1. MP7
The MP7 is a really good gun and it has appeared in a lot of COD's like BO2. I really enjoyed this gun back in MW3 and BO2. I think it would be really good on BO3. So thats is why I want the MP7 back into COD.

2. Peacekeeper
The Peacekeeper was another gun from BO2 that I really enjoyed. I think if the Peacekeeper is added into BO3, I think that the game would be really fun. The Peacekeeper is I think really going to fit into BO3 perfectly.

3. Skorpion EVO
This gun is a gun that I really liked back in BO2. I think this gun would be amazing in BO3. I had a lot of fun with this gun, and would have a lot of fun with this gun in BO2

4. ACR 6.8
This gun should be in BO3 like right now. This is my favorite gun in the whole COD Series. The gun is featured in MW3. I really had a great time using this gun. If you guys play MW3, try this weapon and use this weapon for a long time, its amazing! Anyways, though I think BO3 would be AMAZING if they added this gun into the game.
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