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No credit for daily challenges


Since this game has launched, I never get credit for my daily missions. Today I had one for frag kills, it counted 1 and the next 20 didnt count. Yesterday it was win HQ and multi games. Only got credit for one of each. This keeps happenign and it's very frustrating. Another issue is the missions. Every time I launch the game, my mission dissappears and I have to reselect. Some of these I'm also not getting credit for. ie- Well Equipped WTH is up with this. Anyone else having this problem? * I play on PC*


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Infinity Ward says that they acknowledge the issue, and are working on it. At launch it was disabled till they worked out the issues. Not sure why it's enabled for PC players, but stop doing those challenges until it is fully fixed.

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Missions in general are bugged. I cannot complete my ground war mission (which ground war is complete and utter trash imo) I've captured around 40 flags and I only need 15. Yet it resets to 0 every time. My camo missions also don't work. It's sadly just a glitch that still hasn't been fixed. Hopefully soon tm


This is a problem I've been experiencing quite a bit myself. It's annoying as hell, along with the weapon attachments bug. I've not noticed the challenges bug as much lately, but I also haven't really been paying attention. I noticed that it was just the UI and not the actual challenges after an update.

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