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No love for the PC?

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You guys have a Playstation and Xbox discussion, but what about the PC? It's my main platform of choice and nothing beats a mouse and keyboard when it comes to FPS.

How many of you are planning to buy the game on Steam? I'm certainly going to do so once the game comes out, just so I don't make the mistake I made when pre-ordering CoD Ghosts -_-


Maybe PC is considered as General (not sure tho).
I'm not planning to buy the game on Steam. What mistake?


Theres not really a community for PC so you cant blame them. Call of Duty in general on PC is kind of non existent. Ghosts has a max of 4k people on daily. The other games are pretty much never played. Also there hasn't really been any news for AW on PC. Which makes me kind of worried.


I have friends who play on PC and they are feeling a bit left out. As it turns out it seems the company can't release information such as system requirements to run the game due to Activision behind closed door deals and are keeping quiet about it for that reason. It is kind of a slap in the face to PC gamers who are waiting like you to get the game and any info they can find. I have always said PC games are slowly going to be phased out in favor of consoles someday and it looks like they are showing us now just how they feel about all of the PC gamers.


While I am mainly a PC gamer, population on Call of Duty PC games is really low, even on launch. Usually, Black Ops 2 has about 1000 people on weekdays, and 7000 on weekends. It's not that there is no love for PC, just that PC doesn't usually love Call of Duty.
Call of Duty is definitely one of those franchises that is far more popular on consoles. It sucks that PC gamers that like the series don't have such a large community and support from the developers, but that's just how things are. There wouldn't be much news that differentiates the PC and console versions besides specs anyways. It'd be a smaller sub-forum anyways since most people on here are probably getting the game for consoles, even if they are PC gamers at heart.
am i doing it rite?

but in all seriousness... I have like 2 friends on steam that play CoD and probably 20 on xbl... so that's the decider for me.


It's not a case of there's no love for PC - It's just that after Ghosts, there doesn't seem to be that much interest from the PC sector. If that changes, we will of course add a PC section :)

Feel free to leave such feedback in the relevant section.


Probably because PC players tend to prefer the Battlefield series as it takes full advantage of the power PCs bring. 64 player servers and huge maps, it's just a much better experience to play Battlefield on the PC than CoD. Team Fortress 2 and other arcade shooters are also a lot more popular.


I'm one of the few people who still likes to play the games on PC just because I'm a fan of playing with mouse and keyboard. I was actually quite concerned when there was almost no info released about the PC release but a recent tweet showed me that the developers still care (https://twitter.com/GlenSchofield/status/522053723875708928). I do have to agree that PC players prefer the games that take advantage of the next-gen hardware that is available though and CoD isn't exactly one of the games that does that. Still, it's very fun to play on pc.


I would like to have both a playstation 4 and a pc version ( if they had one) . I have a gaming controller on my PC and I am always out and about. I love playing online on my PC since I can have my gaming laptop anywhere.


I would like to have both a playstation 4 and a pc version ( if they had one) . I have a gaming controller on my PC and I am always out and about. I love playing online on my PC since I can have my gaming laptop anywhere.
Isn't playing with a controller on the PC really hard? I'd say mouse/keyboard users would react much faster, putting controller-users in a disadvantage. Have you ever tried playing with the mouse or is it just a habit, using the controller?


Im coming back to the cod line, after WaW things got stale for me on the pc. cod4 and those dedicated servers kept me interested for a long long time :)

But you do tend to see more love for the game on the console. we will defo look at pc if there is a demand for it
I'm definitely getting it for PC, I just can't play FPS games using a controller. The accuracy of a mouse and keyboard makes it perfect for FPS. I think Advanced Warfare is going to turn some PC gamers back to Call of Duty, the improvements in the game are pretty apparent compared to Ghosts, and the lack of other new decent FPS games on PC will certainly sway a large number to Advanced Warfare in my opinion. Battlefield (CoD's main competitor) for example has been getting pretty stale, and the new Hardline looks like a Battlefield 4 mod.
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