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Angels of Death

Noob help please


Hi, hoping to get some help please. New to the game today and haven't played any COD since black ops 1.

I've been playing a lot of PUBG for the last year and after a few rounds of warzone I have to admit I dont have a clue what's going on .

What's the best way to play? what are the contracts all about and are they necessary? How do I get good weapons?

How to survive near the end? People seem to have acquired all kinds of advantages toward the end, is it necessary to play aggressive to unlock these advantages?

I'm keen to get into it but as I'm sure anyone who has been hooked on PUBG for a while will tell you it's a very different experience...

Looking for any tips on areas best to learn first to get into the game, dos and don'ts would be great... anything really to help me learn fast... I have a short attention span and if I dont get into it soon itll be getting deleted and I could do with something new to play to be honest

Thanks in advance for any help

Angels of Death

The contracts you need to kill the guy its says to (yellow marker on map), the other things you do will give you weapons after each box or control that place. get money buy load outs with your favorite weapon masks etc to help you win.
Hey Andy. Same boat as you here.
I was a pretty invested pubg player, up until the most recent few updates that really just pushed me away.

I use similar tactics in warzone as I did in pubg. I never drop in circle (i much prefer moving than sitting and holding one area), taking a more considerate/cautious approach than a "runner-gunner". I dont use snipers often, I dont find them as useful in warzone as in pubg.
As for the loadouts, familiarise yourself with what guns you have and as you use them they'll level up and give you attachments. Have a loadout with an ar, an smg, lmg and sr weapon types with your choice of perks and as you find/buy a loadout drop, grab whichever one compliments the best gun you're carrying (and switch your pistol out for it so you can still use it) - it's also probably worth having a loadout set with overkill, so that you can have two primary gun choices smg/lmg for example, for those times when you dont have a decent gun worth holding onto as a secondary.

You'll get it man.


Practice your tracking - you need 10-14 bullets to kill in Warzone so you'll have to get good at tracking targets with your mouse while firing. Not a skill you hone as a Plunkbat player - I used to be as well.

You need to do Scavenger contracts to get cash to buy your Loadout from the Buy Station. You can customize loadouts in the main menu - guns, attachments, perks, etc. You won't win without getting a loadout in the match. There are plenty of gun guides on YouTube - I'd recommend XclusiveAce.

Do Recon contracts to find where the next circle is going. Play the edge of the gas like you did the blue in Plunkbat.
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