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noUgaming.com , Love you guys!



Hey guys, just dropping in to say hello! Very nice community you all have built here!
If anyone ever needs anything just PM me on here or shoot me an emai
l @ mr@nougaming.com

We love good witty ideas, plain text or image ideas! shoot us any T-shirt ideas you may have! If we make it we will send you one for free! We also Sponsor good streamers, so get in touch with us! Our main streamers are all Battlefield streamers, so we need some good COD guys/girls! We are all about FPS games, good communities and best of all... We love giving stuff away!! The website did just go through a move where we lost a good bit of our files, but its getting back to where it was with every day!!!

Hope to see you guys in a server!! You are all awesome! Dont be salty!!!



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