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Xbox Live Now Recruiting - 101 Grove Street


Hello All

My name is Allen the 101, I am looking for all players with any skill set in CoD Black Ops Cold War. I am starting a team on gamebattles.com a major league gaming site that many of you are familiar with. I just want members on the team that are 18 and older, love to play various other games and just chill. But at the same time go all out when we compete. It doesn't matter if you have an XBOX, PS5, or PC (the game is crossplay we can work with that). I do expect you to have thick skin as well, I come from the old school 2009 CoD days of gameplay where all kinds of stuff was thrown down so if you know what I'm talking about you will be a perfect fit for the team.

So with all that being said I'll leave my deets at the bottom of the thread as well as the GB website.

XBOX Live: Allen the 76
gamebattles: camino0591


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