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PC [NZ] looking for AUS/NZ clan


Hello all, For a while now I have been building up the courage to get myself back into joining a clan and game with new people, my last clan was back in the CoD:BO days and ever since I have had a hard time joining a clan, so I just usually game on my own, I'm just a casual gamer, just looking for a small group/clan, I have a family of 5 plus work nightfill (7:30pm - 4:00am) with 3 days off hence why I play casually. At the moment I'm playing CoD:MW and just recording a few gameplays to upload to YouTube.

I prefer to join an AUS/NZ clan but am pretty chill on any other clans that are willing to have a Kiwi in there group, just have to deal with the 200+ ping on my end.

Thank you.

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