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Angels of Death

Multi Obscured Gaming Community [OGC]


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Obscured Gaming Community

There is one primary focus in OGC; a great gaming environment! What does that mean? While we are obviously built upon the games we play, we are also much more than that - we're a family & the friendships & bonds we develop in OGC will last long beyond any shared interest in gaming. Through teamwork & dedication we will remain successful in any endeavor we take as an organization. In the coming year we look forward to building OGC into a powerhouse community & we hope you want to build with us!


• Be loyal, respectful & responsible.
• 17 years old; exceptions can be made for 13-16 year olds with Founders approval.
• Commitment to activity in both Discord & in-game.


• Dedicated members on PC, Xbox or PS4.
• Talented graphics artists, video editors, etc.
• We have openings for gaining rank in the clan & filling staff positions.


• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
• Apex Legends on XB1, PC & PS4

Do you like what you see? Are you interested? Please contact the OGC member that posted this message for an invite to the Discord server where you'll have to fill out a quick application so we can set you all up to start experiencing OGC as quickly & efficiently as possible!

Twitter - @GamingObscured
Facebook - @ObscuredGamingCommunity
Youtube - @ObscuredGaming

Angels of Death


Staff member
Hello, Good day to you Velocity. I am WildRage. I currently play for 2BM a CDL Clan with 5 teams. I am Looking for a new more serious team to play with. I currently stream with over 7k followers and play on PC. I am very interested in GBs but have not found a team to play with yet. If you are still interested in new players please contact me on discord WildRage#8100
Wrong person? Wrong thread?


Hello, Actually I meant to send you a message as well, I just sent you the wrong one and sent yours to another team my fault for switching it up. Are you guys still recruiting?

Please add me on discord WildRage#8100
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Angels of Death