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Xbox Live Older gamer? Join us!

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The Pork Chop Platoon (PCP) has been one of the premier mature gaming communities for older gamers on the Xbox console since 2007. Our co-ed community consists of members from across the US and Canada as well as Ireland, England, Scotland and Australia. We believe our success is driven by our amazing members and our three simple philosophies:
· Continuously recruit the highest quality members with skill level never being a prerequisite.
· Maintain a fun, informative and active forum along with a mobile (Discourse) and social media presence (Twitter and Facebook).
· Host a weekly Community Night that offers an opportunity to try a variety of titles and game with as many members as possible
Along with an active online presence in both our forums and on Xbox Live, we also host an annual LAN party that is attended by 50+ members each year. There is lots of gaming as well as a golf outing, trip to a ball game, raffle and a world-famous BBQ by our own BigHeadJoshy!
If you find that you are tired of gaming alone or being stuck in lobbies listening to prepubescent bullshit you should look at joining PCP. We play all of the popular titles and we never take the game or ourselves too seriously.
If we sound like what you are looking for, you should enlist today and never game alone again!

Check us out at:



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I merged your thread here. Next time you re-post on the wrong forum, I'm banning. You hear me?

I moved it for a good reason.
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