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Tactical Gaming

PSN Older ps4 player looking for likeminded clan

Tactical Gaming


Phoenix Gaming Network offers a fun and safe environment ran by a council created by staff in every Squad. No dictatorship here! We have division’s that play across all gaming platforms focusing on Call of Duty, Apex and Monster Hunters. Our community offers weekly meetings and game nights. Meetings are held once a week to keep everyone informed of changes within the community and bring everyone together to build that bound and truly become a family. Meetings also give you, yes you, a chance to voice your opinion on a change that would need to bring to the council. Phoenix Gaming Network holds multiple game nights a week to continue to build that bond and keep everyone gaming together. No man gets left behind in Phoenix Gaming Network.Some Key Details about us:

  • Players from PC, Xbox, and PS4
  • Community-focused organization
  • Military ranking structure to offer order and advancement opportunities
  • Weekly meetings and nightly hosted pub/private events
  • Tournament bracket play with FREE money winnings
  • 90~ active Unity Squad members, always find players to pub with around the clock
  • Other Squads, total member count peaking over 375*
  • FREE Graphic requests
  • Actively managed Discord and Website
  • Regiment AND COD Companion App weekly participation
  • Must be 16+
  • Must have a working Mic
If interested add me on:

PSN: PGN-Fives

Discord: PGNFives (2LT)#7671
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Tactical Gaming