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Warzone 2.0 OMG My graphics are screwed

What in the screaming name of Jesus H Christ have they done to my graphics? This new update came out and everything is grainy everything looks crappy all the bushes and shrubs look like clumps of green goo until you get up close to them and then they're still clumps of green goo just grainy and maybe look like leaves! Yes I know I'm ranting but damn it when I pay this kind of money for a game and they go to an update and you go to play it and the graphics were actually better on an original Nintendo NES system!! You know? the old gray box with the gray cartridges and the flip up door? this is terrible!!! It's really sad when my call of duty Black ops 3 game has better graphics!! they do an update and Nerf everything and screwed the graphics up in the process they've lost their minds!! yes I'm ranting but I and I'm sorry but this is ridiculous!! It's like everything's covered in a San Diego California fog or maybe to Dubai..one of the two, it's really sad!! They say in their code of conduct that everybody's supposed to have a good time and play and enjoy the game then they put missions in there like the one where you're supposed to exfil with a full backpack full of dog tags and tell us not to be hostile and not to be toxic to each other? Yeah whatever doesn't sound like they're promoting multiplayer to me!! Nerfing the teams down to only six people? what's going on with that? it's not a one player game at all anymore it's got to be multiplayer and it's got to be toxic as hell! Oh and God forbid you drop in by yourself and try to do any of these missions and even get the attention of one of these supposedly tone down bots that want to pin you in and come after you with everything they have and they are better shot than you when they're not even a blip on your screen!!! It's not fun anymore when three people can drop in together and get attacked by 50 bucks before they can move 50 ft it's sad so we'll snurf it down a little bit so the bots don't come in till after about 2 minutes of play and then here they come a thousand and a f****** time!! Spend $100 on this dumbass game and then when I try to play any of it anymore you have toxic assholes that do want to do nothing but just make everything sad for you but that's okay they don't care they just want our money and we'll keep paying it cuz we're stupid!! I won't pay it anymore!! I'll go back to playing Black ops 3 or battlefield this just sucks... That's just my rent and my two cents worth of what I feel like they have done to this game with that update day before yesterday!! If my rent offended you it sucks to be you I'm just venting you didn't have to sit here and read all of it,that's on you.... Just my two cents worth.


PC Gamer: Nearly Dangerous
Wow.... big wall of text, no paragraphs, too hard to read, so I didn't.

Is your Enter/Return key not working?
I hurt my eyes reading that but I get the idea that your video settings are now messed up.

I didn't see anywhere what platform you are gaming on but might I suggest that you go into your game settings and possibly reset them to what they should be. It is possible that the update simply reset them to default.

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