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One in the Chamber


The thread about best multiplayer mode inspired me to create a thread dedicated exclusively to one in the chamber.

I think this mode was really underrated and when I used to frequent the game more often, these lobbies were usually not as active as the other modes.

I really loved how this mode often forced you to use your knife and use your one bullet wisely. I also really liked how you could gain one bullet by killing someone. This gave you a huge advantage, especially if you were also able to get kill streaks.

The mode made people with bad aim work that much harder. It also gave me more incentive to explore the maps and find great locations.

What did you think of this mode?
I really liked the idea of the game, but I liked it way better in Black Ops 2, especially because it actually got some people playing it under the "Party Games" section. Nowadays, people are still playing it on Black Ops 2 on Steam, while the mode is DEAD on Black Ops 1 on PC.


While I did like the idea of this, I often found that there wasn't anybody else really playing it, so I think in terms of popularity it will be looked on as a failure.

With more support though there was no reson for it not to work, it's just that it seems that people stay with what they know and like.

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