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OpenGL Error and Resolution Problem


My rig is a Windows 7-built Dell that underwent the free Windows 10 upgrade. Well, about a week ago, the computer suddenly flickered off. Before I knew it, my personal resolution, 1366x768, was taken off the table. I have done various attempts to deal with the problem from system restores to driver upgrades, but nothing has worked so far. The machine was built in with an AMD/ATI HD 4200, but the adapter is suddenly registered as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter." I can't update or roll it back. I have attempted various upgrades with AMD, but the installations don't seem to take effect, and I don't have the various options available.

If that wasn't enough, certain games I have, like Medal of Honor Allied Assault (GOG.com version) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Steam version) are on the fritz, as I receive the message "could not load OpenGL subsytem." I have done the famous OpenGL23.dll fix, but it doesn't seem to work, unless I'm doing it wrong.

Can anyone please help me with this issue?

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