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Angels of Death

Xbox Live Order is Now Recruiting for infinite warfare pro team!!

XBOX LIVE we are looking for a pro team with good players, its for xbox one only and u most have an 0.80 K/D up to try out.
a simple 1 v 1 is all it will take to see if your qualified. once in the clan all we ask is to stay active and be there when there is a tournament. name change will happen later down the road. for more info visit our youtube channel at Order Communion
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Angels of Death

Hey mate,
I'm looking for a clan which will do tournaments and games. I live in Australia so Timezones will matter and I have a 1.36 k/d on IW. My name is FluffyUnicornz7. How many people do you have in your team? Please contact me if you want to speak more!
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