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Multi ORG Clan looking for members for ALL PLATFORMS

We are The Organization (ORG). We are a family friendly gaming community, 16+. We strive to be the best and achieve the best while we stand next to our brothers and sisters. We are a ranking systemed clan with lots of potential for promotion. We are based off of Xbox but reach as far as PS4, PC and many more. We are a growing community and welcome everyone who meets the requirements to join with open arms. If you want to join there are a few requirements needed before you can be considered into the community which are as follows:

  1. Must be 16 of age or older
  2. Must have a working mic
We RECOMMEND you download Discord so you can stay up to date on important news and clan information

Here at ORG we have a strict COC (Code of Conduct) that MUST BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES!! And it is as follows:

  1. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO Racisim, Harassment, or Sexual Harassment, in any form.
  2. You may not be an ACTIVE or INACTIVE member of any other clan(s)/Organizations
  3. In order to remain an active member in the community you must participate in 2 game nights and 1 community meeting per month, if you fail to meet these requirements, you may be kicked out of the community
  4. In ORG you MUST follow your Chain of Command, unless the situation is deemed necessary not to follow
  5. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO romantic relations within ORG.
If you fail to meet these requirements and or fail to follow the COC, you will be given a FAIR trial by our Leadership Staff, and your end result could be termination from the clan.

We at ORG take pride in our community and want the best for every gamer who steps foot into our clan. Please be respectful.

Contact BatachuGotchu
PSN: BatachuGotchu
Email: batachu121@hotmail.com
Or message on here.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.


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