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Angels of Death

Paladin Coop mission still bugged!?


The Paladin coop mission seems to still be bugged. It's amazing the developers still have not patched this common bug on the level. It happens towards the end of the level outside the Atlas Superstore when you are supposed to be escorting the APC. As soon as you reach the objective to Defend 1st Crate the APC does not move forward and no further objectives get spawned. Just a small stream of enemies continually spawn with no way to complete the mission, requiring you to leave the game losing all of your xp and battle pass experience. This has been a common bug since games release. With all the money they are making from this franchise it seems they should at least be able to fix this game breaking bug. But they likely don't care about coop because most of the player base is in multiplayer and Warzone. Still it's quite annoying for someone who enjoys to play coop from time to time and complete daily missions for coop as well as multiplayer and warzone.

Angels of Death

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Angels of Death