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PayPal fees


Costs 3.4% and 20p on receiving and sending money for digital and physical goods. Do you think this cost is to much? There are no fees if the item is sent as a gift through paypal but you may not be covered by buyer protection.


Staff member
The new fees are the new stupid for me. When I bought a website in the past, the idea was this:

You pay $300 to the person, but the person gets $293 (because fees are deducted from the grand total - Paypal gets this fee).

Now is this:

You pay $300, you are charged lets say $7 more than the grand total, so what you really paid is $307.

That's the new billing system in place at Paypal. I used to use Paypal for purchasing websites, such as this one. But after learning this new system, I may do it less.

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