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PC and PSN Accounts??


The Equalizer
Is it possible to have a PC (BattleNet) account and use that on a PS4 (PSN) account???

Or, if I want to play on a PC and a PS4, I have to maintain separate accounts??


Staff member
Is it possible to have a PC (BattleNet) account and use that on a PS4 (PSN) account???

Or, if I want to play on a PC and a PS4, I have to maintain separate accounts??
Yes. I have a PSN account attached to a BattleNet account.. but BattleNet and Activision accounts are separate.

There are options to attach your PC to BattleNet, and link PS4 account to same account. Look around your account settings.

And, yes... I know its dumb. But Blizzard and Activision are "separate" companies despite being part of the same company.


The Equalizer
Awesome.. Thanx Carlos...

Your link says how to link BattleNet and Activision.. Will that link PSN and XBOX accounts as well??


Staff member
And another question.. Which is better. PS4 or XBOX ONE S??
If you're going to get a new console, wait for all the shipping and chip shortages to be over.

They have similar specs. The thing is, which one do you want: Console with exclusives, or console with technology advancement? Because right now, that's the brand difference.

If you're going to get a new console for the time being, and you want exclusives... PS4 Pro.

If you want technology advancement, go for Xbox One X. Hell, skip it, and find Xbox Series X. Its a little easier to find than the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 is selling out each restock, but does not currently have "OMG! I gotta get this now!" games (ahem; exclusives.) And, has hardware issues due to shipping shortages, and chip shortages.

But if you need something now: Previous generation consoles or Xbox Series X.


The Equalizer
Yep it is...

Yeah, the X was the first Xbox to support 4K (2160p) gaming, plus it has 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power.
-My Son

Now the only decision is to play on my 24" Monitor or my 75" 4K Vizio... :D

One thing I noticed I don't like much is the Field Of View is not very wide.. And it's not adjustable like it is on the PC...

Other than that, it was pretty comparable to my PC play. At least on the PS4...

Beats putting out 2K for a decent Video Card.. :D
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