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Angels of Death

PC Geek out thread


So for some time I have wanted to ask, for those of us on PC, what are you rocking?

Did you build it yourself?

I'd love to parts lists, pictures, and roughly when you build it, I took a break from the PC building scene from about 2015 and till I got the urge to build a new PC (as in the 1 in my sig and avatar picture) but I could never give it up completely.

I'm not just interested in what you've put together or bought, but also what factors drove your buying decisions.

Can I ask that we keep all comments positive, this is not intended to be a colours thread, I have no affiliation towards team Red, Blue or Green, I just like geeking over PCs because I am a specs maniac.

Green Eyes Red Dragon 17th August 2020 Desktop View.jpg
I've already shared this picture in another thread, but @Carlos likes it because I have CodForums open on my screen.
Green Eyes Red Dragon 17th August 2020 Side View Panel off.jpg
Green Eyes Red Dragon 17th August 2020 Close up Panel off.jpg

Angels of Death


ill get it up soon

well i went budget building and ill say for 1000 bucks you can build a very nice gaming pc these days, i had an am3 system and wanted to upgrade to play modern warfare so i made the mistake of upgrading am3 without doing my research, i bought the evga 3gb gtx 1060 which gave me 60 to 70 fps but i wanted more.
so i bought the msi b450 tomahawk max mobo,ryzen 5 3600 cpu coolermaster 212 rgb cpu cooler,gskill ddr400 3200 16 gigs of ram,seagate 1 tb firecuda solid state drive and a evga rtx 2060 ko ultra graphics card all housed in a midtower nxzt 510 case. for the money i stayed in budget and im very pleased with performance and graphics and have not had any cooling issues unless i put mobo in game mode temps go up but stay in 70c range but i see no difference in gaming so i dont use game mode and run everything stock and i can easily upgrade to ryzen 9 cpu and upgrade gpu if i choose.

heres my acer 27 inch gaming monitor isp display its awsome, also logitech g502 hero mouse,g413 keyboard and g432 gaming headset

oh corsair mouse pad but getting an msi



Cool, this was actually a big part of the inspiration behind my current build, I wanted an X570 motherboard with a Ryzen 7 3700X motherboard and an RTX 2080 Super GPU until I saw what sort of performance you were getting with your setup. So rather than wait for months while I saved enough money, I was able to bring my budget down and no I enjoy gaming on my rig in my sig.

The mousemat comment made me lol
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