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PC [PC] looking for a group for casual shooting on cold war (Asian region)

well, basically playing COD/BF since the modern warfare and bad company days......used to be real competitive with keeping my K/D and win ratio, but as you grow older, it doesn't matter that much anymore lol...

i have my 9-5 job on weekdays so just popping online now and then for some casual gaming during the evening. Based in Asia.

i gotta admit tho, i can get quite toxic sometimes but its just all fun, if you're looking for an angel or some well mannered nerd, i ain't one. it's always fun to have some banter and exchange some insults in between to spice things up.

I only play on Cold War and hardcore tho. Not into warzone.

anyone who enjoys some banter, pls reply to the thread and lets give it a shot.

by the way, i play mostly hardcore TDM, domination. but that's cuz i play on my own so it's hard to play on other game modes without a team.

i'm open to play other game modes if we're the right match.

k/d's at around 1.4 if that matters.

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