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pc player mouse and keyboard settings please


so i place the pc version with a mouse and keyboard
i have the naga pro adjustable dpi settings on the fly
im using the new marksmen ship rifle which i love
but i sure see alot of quick scoping going on and people are good at it
now i assume mose are using a controller i hardly run into players such as my self

was looking for some in game settings and tips to get better at this ?
sometimes i can get lucky an get one off but 9 times out of 10 i lose the battle


I would start by turning off mouse accelaration to make your mouse movements more predictable, check out this video:

As for other settings, there is no 1 stop solution that works for all players, but your description above doesn't really sound like a settings issue anyway, so I would suggest you get some practice in and the best way to do this is to use the custom game settings, you can use my quick infographic here to help:

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 2019 Custom Game Infographic for lolz.png

So, get into the custom game menu, I would suggest starting this in Free For All mode, selecting 3 to 5 bots at recruit level and find a good size open map that you're comfortable with, set timer to unlimited, set score to unlimited, set ammo to max and play until you feel the bots are too easy to beat then move the bots up to the next difficulty level, rinse and repeat.

Settings won't improve your ability to play the game, training muscle memory and reflexes will.


Hey thanks for the suggestion i will try it..
do you change any in-game settings ? such as mouse sensitivity etc


No, I've pretty much left everything on default, I did try different key bindings for a while but found the defaults to work better.

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set your mouse sensitivity to 5.00, if you want higher the dpi button on your mouse will increase your speeds. make sure mouse sensitivity is off. FOV i would say set to 100 with 103 being the sweet spot.
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