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platform conmparison

So late last night while during a break the typical 3 of us ( myself and 2 other guys) got into a discussion.

We have been playing together off and on for probably 2 months. Just happened to have a guy in a lobby invite me to be friends and join him playing. Shrug who knew I was a likable guy

Anyway after 2 months the one guy on a playstation made the comment ( We are both trying for the 25 double kills on a marksman rifle and he is having a rough go of it ) " Playstations are superior " I said "What"
He says " Well playing on a PS is easier than playing on a PC and also playing on am XBOX, XBox is actually THE hardest thing to play COD on"

"Huh, How do you figure that?"
Well unfortunately the game launched and into the frey we went.

So COD Forum folks..

Not talking stats on machines.

Talking playability

Why is it easier to level and play on a PS VS a PC VS a XBOX ?

He even mentioned " if I only played with people on PS I would not be the level I am today"

So can anyone actually justify WHY and what makes a PS easier to play COD on?

thanks in advance..

PS I may argue the fact..

Well I am thinking the common thing between pc players and xbox players is they may share the same control correct?

Or do PC players use keyboard only or can you sync a PlayStation controller to your PC?

These are all things I do not know to be honest


not for some. i use a controller on my pc for madden23. im sure the bigger percentage of console players use contollers and pc players use keyboard and mouse.
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