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Angels of Death

Play now - Gamertag list


Please use this thread to share your Xbox Gamertag and Timezone with other members to make it easier to find people to play with.

Please keep the posts simple and to the point so it is easy to for others to see your information. The ideal format would be as below:

Country / Timezone
Favourite Game Mode

Angels of Death


Gamertag: MadiesLAN
Country/Timezone: USA, NYC -5
Favorite Gamemode(s): TDM, Hardpoint and looking forward to Uplink and Momentum.


Hey guys, my gamertag is nwatson23. I live in the Unites States and I have the central/eastern time zone. My favorite game mode honestly is dropzone. I am a beast and I am very competitive when it comes to COD. But don't worry I won't trash talk you too much.


Gamertag Fe1sty Pe4nut
Country / Timezone USA/Central (Chicago)
Favourite Game Mode TDM / HC TDM / FFA


Gamertag: Jwalks468
Timezone: CST
Game modes- Hardcore domination/kill confirmed/hardpoint/headquarters.


Gamertag: Koresa
Timezone: EST
I mainly play HC SnD, although I'm grinding some hc dom/hq to get some camo challenges done easier
Generally anything hc I'm down for. Very competitive but not gonna trash talk my teammates.
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Angels of Death