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Xbox Live Player looking for Clan


I'm new to BO4 on Xbox and looking for a clan or group to join. I'm not the best player by any means but I'm looking for more players who are social and use mics!


If you are interested in building a community with Like-Minded Adults, AoV may be for you!

We are AoV; Agents of Valor. We are a recently established Call of Duty community that was created by a Military Veteran and a former CoD4 Semi-Pro Player, with a goal to provide both casual and competitive people a place where they can call home, on ANY PLATFORM.

- Mentorship from a dedicated team if you wish
- A mature team always looking to get a win, have fun doing it
- A structured team for those who wish to grow outside of just being casual
- Game nights, community events, clan battles, and the occasional scrimmage

Everyone has a place among the AoV as long as they have the "team" mindset. Casual, or competitive. If you are just looking to game it up, and blow off some steam with folks, there is definitely a place for you here, life is hard as it is, and we all need an outlet.
If you wish to go for something more involved, we also have something for that. As of now we are building a team that is looking to play not only GB but a tournament or two. With experienced leadership and a driven team we hope in time we can find the right folks that want to build something. We are not looking for a lone wolf, but someone who believes in communication, and is team oriented.

- 18+
- Positive attitude
- Have a Mic
- Be active within Discord

If you are interested, feel free to message me so you can join our discord!
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